Monday, July 4, 2011

Where is this feeling ??

I’ve been crying for so long
Since the day I realized-your gone.
Yes I tried to stay strong
But everything I do seems...wrong

You gave me ease
You gave me peace
You gave me everything that I ever pleased

But now your gone and I’m alone
You’ve packed up, brushed up, all your belongings
You’ve left without goodbye
On to a beautiful journey

Now I feel empty
There’s something missing inside of me
You’ve left me here in misery
Whilst your exploring happily

What did I do to make you go?
You watched me struggle you watched me grow
But now your gone
And left me to move on
Without you?

Who are you? What are you?
You’re my IMAAN!
Scrunched up like a worn out can
Thirsty like a dried up dam
You were my Warner.
But I betrayed you
Left you rotting in the corner!

You built up the strength to get up and go
But for revenge you left with my soul
Leaving me blind deaf and dumb like the kafiroon
Not realizing judgement day is upon us soon

But now I feel different- something deep
My heart feels restless- it can’t get no sleep
I’m like little Bo Peep
Searching for my precious sheep

We’re meant to be together
Forever and ever
Me and my Imaan
The only way to gain true Ihsan
I need to find you
Wherever you are
Whether your on Earth
Or further than the stars

Alhamdulillah I’ve got my eyesight back
So I’m guessing I’m on the right track
I’m seeing this Dunya for what its really worth
Hypocrisy, democracy
Suicides and bomb attacks
Well you know what? No thanks!

I’ve walked to Allah hoping that  He’ll run to me
Trust me-being lost ain’t no fun
So I’m hoping on this journey I’ll reunite with my Imaan
Say sorry for the idiot that I am

I’m praying that I’ll reunite with my soul
Once and for all
Discover true Islam
Not with its sects and groups and corrupted scam

No TRUE Islam
Like Allah orders in the Quran
Like Rasulullah(s.a.w) showed
That’s that way its suppose to be done

In Allah I gotta confide
Read and understand His Quran
They say 'Imaan is like an airplane ride
The higher up you go
The smaller the things on Earth look.'

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