Thursday, June 23, 2011


Is there still any hope left for me…
Hope beyond hope..
I’m really desperate for your aid..
Feeling weak most of the time..
Day by day I can feel it..
Feel like I’m falling away..
Into the worldly that fully of deception..

I am in such a helpless stage..
I knew i can’t depend on others…
Nobody knows the truth about me..
what really inside me..
ashamed of myself..
i'm hoping that i can change myself
to be different..

But Allah..instead of them..
you knew me better than me myself..
to whom should I deeply relying on..
undeniable..none other than..
Only to you…ya Allah..
For you I pray..and from you.Ya Rabb I seek help
My most Loving..My creator…

Ya Allah…forgive me for the wrong I ‘d done
please don't hate me..
sinned in so many ways..
caught with my lust and desires
but it shock for me to know..
That you still love me..Allah..
No matter what I do
Even if my sins reach from the earth to the sky
As long as I don’t commit Shirk
That you will always forgive me..

So after all this
I realise..
That your mercy and compassion
Supersedes your wrath
So as long as I am alive and breathing
And make an effort and try
You will always help me and answer my du'as

From this moment..please I’m begging you..
Please don’t leave me even for a second..
Hold me tightly..ya Rabb
please give me the chance..
the world as already know
nearly to an end
full of intrigue and fitnah..
I don’t want to simply slip anymore..
This soul is crawling back to you..


  1. dear brothers and sisters
    never lose hope of Allah mercy...

    take care of Allah...and Allah will take care of you..

  2. So many times i feel you in my heart
    and i just want to take it from the start
    so please hold my hand today
    coz i can feel it falling away...
    Allah will show me the way
    coz i don't want to slip away..