Monday, June 27, 2011

So Madly In Love

Ardent love … Is a madness,
An addiction,
Causes blindness and deafness
No rhyme, no reason
No time, no season
Totally Emotional
Not slightly Intellectual
Leave alone Practical
In fact, quite Nonsensical
I love you - but I don’t quite know why
It’s not your kindness nor your goodness
Nor your piousness, Do you lie?
Maybe not even your wealth or looks
Certainly not your dedication to the books
Maybe you even make me cry
It’s just the way I feel
You make my head reel
Problem: How long will it last
Before this feeling says Goodbye?
Then it’s just hurt and sadness…
It is like being on heat
An animal?
Now I’m insulted and quite ashamed
Oh no, no control over my own self
For emotions untamed
Cummon, Get hold of yourself!
The Deen prescribes the middle path
Make that list of attributes you admire
Read that Istigaraah
Pray that the lust of your Nafs
Those enticing Whispers
Doesn’t land you in the hell-fire!

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